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All around amazing guy and talented musician.
Adam Waldron



Hi, my name is Adam Waldron and I am the Vice President of LUCID. I was introduced to technology at a very young age, my father being an engineer and fellow technology enthusiast helped foster my curiosity. We used to retreat to our makeshift workshop in the garage to pull apart our old Gateway PC to upgrade the CPU or to add some additional RAM.

My attention wandered as I got older, but my enthusiasm for technology never waned. As excited as I am about technology I am passionate about music. I have been playing drums and percussion for over 15 years, performing and playing professionally with multiple bands.

Now, I spend most of my time developing software. I really enjoy solving complex problems with technology, and with my strong foundation in computer science from the University of Washington I have been privileged enough to work on a wide variety of software development projects.

Outside of my work as a software engineer, I still play music in a high-energy band called Turquoise Boy, based in Anchorage, Alaska. You can find us lighting up stages in Alaska with our danceable flavor of rock n roll. In addition to my on-stage antics I also enjoy traveling with my wife, usually donning backpacks and an adventurous spirit as we try to immerse ourselves in foreign culture whenever time allows.

It is our dream to visit as many countries and cultures as our lifetime allows. My wife and I are also connoisseurs of the food and beverage industry, having worked in high end restaurants for years we have developed a love for culinary arts, craft bartending, and great beer and wine.

Currently residing in the Pacific Northwest I also enjoy exploring the beautiful natural landscape of the area, often spending weekends hiking in the cascades or traveling to our nearby family cabin in the Olympic National Park.