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Does running your own business, making more money and enjoying a flexible work schedule appeal to you? Then fill out our business partnership application.

Business Partnership Application

Business Partnership Application – First and foremost, we want to thank you for applying to become a Business Partner with LUCID. It means a lot to us!

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey that includes operating your own division of LUCID and reaping the financial rewards of your work. Our Business Partnership Program is for all walks of life, stay at home mothers or fathers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and even large business owners.

We are often asked by potential applicants, “how did the Business Partnership get started.” Well, it is a story two years in the making, so we will give you the sort version. The Business Partnership Program got its start by Matthew and his brother Rick. Rick was talking to Matthew one evening about several online networking ventures he tried to pursue and which he had no luck with. He mentioned that he had poured several hundred dollars into these networking venture only to see them tank for some reason or another.

Rick expressed to Matthew his desire for a business venture that could be done by anyone with no money up front and some great training to boot. As Matthew already had a success web design business, Rick asked Matthew if it was possible for the two of them to work together to design a business venture that would not only help people become successful, but would also be cost effective for the applicant. Matthew meditated on the idea for a few minutes and said he thought he could put something together that could achieve Rick’s vision.

So, Matthew and Rick went to work, researching all types of business models, platform and other types of online services. After about a years’ worth of research and work, Matthew and Rick came up with a solid design for a web design platform and a powerful customer relationship manager. After about a year of development Matthew and Rick launched the Business Partnership Program.

Thank you for completing the Business Partnership Application!