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Matthew McWaters - Business owner, speaker and a really nice person.
Matthew McWaters



Hi there, my name is Matthew McWaters and I am the owner and CEO of LUCID LLC. First and foremost, I want to thank you for visiting our website and for taking the time to get to know us. I sincerely hope that we can get to know you and build you an amazing website that creates more leads and sales opportunities for your business.

My Personal Life
I grew up in the beautiful state of Oklahoma where I attended Life Christian School, Highland East and More High School. After high school, I moved to the great state of Alaska where I spent over 18 years working, fishing and enjoying the most amazing summers. In the spring of 2015, I met my beautiful and brilliant wife Sherry, whom I married in February of 2016. Since that time, Sherry and I have moved to Texas, where we spend our days working and enjoying life.

My Professional Life
As CEO and Owner of LUCID LLC, I have worked with hundreds of small business owners, inventors and entrepreneurs – making their creative ideas come to life on the internet, and this has been an incredible privilege and honor. For me, this is not just a job. It is my life, my passion and my calling. My life’s work has been to transform the web as we know it – providing entrepreneurs and business owners with the opportunity to become more successful.

My Work History
Prior to starting LUCID, I was the Communications Director of the BRBC, where I led the vision, strategy, design and development of their database and website as well as departmental sharing. During my time there, I launched 4 websites, the BRBC App, and an online donation system as well as a kiosk donation system.

Before working at BRBC, I spent 4 years at Nine Star Education and Employment Services, serving in various roles, most recently as a Job Developer where I led the creation, development and operations of the Job Development Program. Prior to that, I served as a Case Manager for the Alaska Temporary Assistance Program as well as a Certified Microsoft Office Instructor.

Prior to working for Nine Star, I spent 4 years at the Alaska Native Justice Center, serving as the Special Projects Coordinator where I led the creation, development and implementation of the Justice Center’s website, database and in-house communications as well as state and federal reporting. Prior to my position as the Special Projects Coordinator, I worked as a Juvenile Justice Case Manager providing case management services to youth offenders as well drug and alcohol counseling.


Matthew loves sharing his success story and helping other businesses become successful.


Matthew loves sharing business strategies and techniques with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Matthew’s speaking events cover the following topics:

  • Business Strategies That Work
  • Business Techniques That Work
  • Prepare To Grow
  • It’s Free, Why Not Use It
  • Leveraging Your Time
  • It’s Your Business, Take Control
  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • Embrace The Change
  • You Have What You Focus On
  • Creating Sustainability
  • Lean Into It

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